Who we Help Children are our top priority.

We exist solely to help lgbtq+ children in need to feel safe, secure and valued. Every decision we make is in service to them.

We put children first.


We do what we say we will.
We live our mission and values every day. They aren’t just words, they are our guide to every decision we make.

We provide a safe place.
Children need to feel safe and secure in order to thrive. In our care, they are allowed to be their authentic selves.

We are committed to ensuring the youth in our care become productive members of society.
We are committed to ensuring the youth in our care develop skills that will allow them to become successful adults.

We are committed to our staff.
We are committed to teamwork and ensuring the success of our staff.

We constantly review our programs to ensure we are being the best we can be.
We believe that we should never settle for mediocrity and strive for excellence. We celebrate our successes and identify our needs so that we are continually improving.

We create new programs that meet the needs of both children and the community.
Because the community is ever changing, we consistently evaluate our programs. When we recognize a need in our community, we strive to meet that need head on with innovative new programs.

We put children first.